Application advice for a high-performance night cream

Conseils d'application pour une crème de nuit performante

  Nighttime is the time when our skin works hardest to repair and regenerate itself. This is why using a quality night cream, like the one offered by JYLOR, is essential. But do you know how to apply it correctly to maximize its benefits? Follow our guide.

1. Preparing the skin before applying the night cream

The first step to maximizing the benefits of your night cream is to properly prepare your skin. Good preparation allows the cream to better penetrate the skin, improve its effectiveness and prevent skin problems such as spots or excess sebum.

Facial cleansing

First of all, make sure your face is clean. Impurities, makeup, and excess oil can clog your pores and prevent night cream from absorbing properly into the skin.

Use a gentle cleanser suited to your skin type. Lather the cleanser with a little water and massage it onto your face in circular motions. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid water that is too hot, which can dry out your skin.

Drying the face

After cleansing, dry your face with a soft towel. Remember to gently pat your face rather than rubbing to avoid irritating your skin.

Using a face towel specially designed for the face can be beneficial. These towels are generally softer and more gentle on the skin than traditional towels.

Application of a toner

Applying a toner can help balance your skin's pH and prepare your skin for night cream. Soak a cotton pad with toner and apply it to your face, avoiding the eye area.

Now that your skin is clean and ready, we can move on to applying the night cream. In the next part, we will explain how to correctly apply your night cream to maximize its benefits.

2. Correct application of night cream

Once your skin is cleansed and prepared, it's time to apply your night cream. Application technique can make a big difference in product effectiveness.

Quantity to use

The amount of cream to use depends on its concentration and your skin type. In general, a dab of cream is enough for the face and neck. If your skin is particularly dry, you may want to use a little more product.

Application technique

Start by warming the cream between your fingers to make it easier to apply. Then apply the cream to your face using circular movements, always starting from the center of the face outwards, and going up from the bottom to the top. This technique helps stimulate blood circulation and promote absorption of the cream.

Also don't forget to apply the cream to your neck and décolleté, which are often neglected but are just as exposed to the signs of aging.

Order of application

If you use several products in your night care routine, the order of application is important. Generally, you should apply products from lightest to heaviest. For example, if you use a serum before your night cream, apply the serum first, let it absorb into the skin, then apply your night cream.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your skin absorbs the maximum benefits from your night cream. In the next part, we will give advice on how to maximize these benefits even more.

3. Maximizing the benefits of night cream

Now that you know how to apply your night cream correctly with our guide on applying night cream.

Using a facial massage roller

Using a facial massage roller after applying your night cream can help improve blood circulation and promote absorption of the cream. Simply roll the tool gently over your skin in upward motions.

Incorporating the golden elixir into your routine

JYLORgold elixir is an excellent addition to your night cream. This antioxidant-rich elixir can help nourish your skin and enhance the effects of your night cream. Apply a few drops before your night cream for even more radiant and hydrated skin. And for gentle but effective cleansing, incorporate JYLOR Micellar Lotion into your routine.

Adopt a good sleep routine

Finally, don't forget that a good night's sleep is essential for the health of your skin. While you sleep, your skin works hard to repair and regenerate itself. Make sure you have a regular sleep routine and try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of your night cream and wake up to glowing, rejuvenated skin. Don't forget to choose the perfectnight creamme for your skin type for results optimal.

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